F / 20 / 5’6″ / 110lbs / 30C ish (perhaps 32B?)



F / 20 / 5’6″ / 110lbs / 30C ish (perhaps 32B?)



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  2. I wanna say something here without sounding thirsty as fuck but I feel that it’s kind of impossible tbh.

    It looks like you’re taking care of yourself, what do prefer to do to stay in shape? What’s your favorite workout?

  3. You look great! If you want to know your bra size take a tape measurer (one that bends) and measure your rib cage all the way around right under your breasts, that’s your band size. Then measure across your breasts, take that number and subtract the band size and that will give you your cup size. For example, my rib cage is 30, across my breasts is between 34/35 which means I am a D/E. If there was one nice difference it’s an A, two B, three C, etc. I think you may be surprised by your real size. For the most accurate results you may want to ask someone for help measuring so that the band stays even all around.


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